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“Customer experience is proving to be the only truly durable competitive advantage” (Gartner)

In response, customer experience has become a major focus for businesses in recent years, however an entire industry has grown up without fully understanding the nature of this complex phenomenon. Experience Analytics integrates Thick Data and Big Data approaches to define, measure and provide enhanced insight into your customer’s experience, enabling you to develop real competitive advantage.

Define Experience

Thick data techniques identify and define the holistic customer experience domain for your business

Measure Experience

Design and operationalise your own domain specific experience model. Understand what drives experience and the relative importance of each driver.

Automated Experience Score

Generate an experience KPI using advanced machine learning techniques tailored to your domain.

Experience Dashboard

Manage your business with a better understanding of Experience. Find out what really drives Sales, Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction.

What Makes Experience Analytics Different

Current Industry Approach Experience Analytics Approach
Definition of CX
Definition of Customer Experience (CX) No Yes
  Relative measure of CX
Relative measure of CX No Yes
  Enterprise CX model
Enterprise CX model No Yes
  CX Domain Capture
CX Domain Capture Partial Holistic
  Business Planning
Business Planning Tactical Strategic
  Correlation to Outcome KPIs (e.g. NPS, CSAT, Loyalty)
Correlation to Outcome KPIs (e.g. NPS, CSAT, Loyalty) Weak Strong
  Effective CX Gap Closure
Effective CX Gap Closure Sub-Optimal Optimised Using Enterprise CX Model
  Identify Hidden CX Drivers
Identify Hidden CX Drivers Partial Yes
  Customer Directed CX Drivers
Customer Directed CX Drivers Partial Yes
  CX Investment Targeting
CX Investment Targeting Tactical (Single Gap ROI) Strategic (Holistic ROI)

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